Friday, January 30, 2009

Thunder Thighs Air Hostess

Thunder Thighs Air Hostess

January 31st, 2009

With the Telugu industry becoming the haven for many aspiring artistes, especially the pretty girls it has become evident that even those who are in the north are longing to come and work in Tollywood. Earlier, it was the models who made their presence felt but now even those beauties from other fields are also entering.

One such field is the area of the air hostesses and one big name that can be taken here is that of Kaveri Jha. Now, another hot bombshell is all geared up to set the screens on fire and her name is Siddhie. Sources say that she was part of the Kingfisher fraternity as an airhostess before she came here.

What is catching the eye of many is her thunder thighs this beauty is having no qualms in showing and given the nativity taste that many Telugu audience has got, she fits the bill with the right kind of flesh. There was a time when the noted actress Rambha ruled the roost with her thunder thighs.

Siddhie will soon be seen in the movie 'Vesavi Selavullo' and this is being aimed for a summer release. Given the oomph this babe has got, the temperatures are surely going to shot up in Summer with her presence. So let us see how far this thunder thigh beauty will go in the Telugu land.


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