Friday, December 26, 2008

Namitha Caught Nude In Video

Namitha Caught Nude In Video

December 27th, 2008

After Trisha's bathroom clip and Nayantara's lip lock scenes, it is now Namitha's turn.

This is the hot gossip that is making rounds in internet.

Namitha, the buxom actress is seen nude in a video and the link of that is being circulated hot in internet. Some of her sexy scenes including her dress change sequences have been leaked and uploaded in some portals. A new video particularly featuring the actress changing clothes in her caravan, is the most viewed and discussed one in the Internet.

For sometime now, actresses have resorted to staying in the homes of their relatives or in their private caravans for fear of such videos being made when they stay in hotels. The caravan is where they rest between the shots and stay for a while. It is equipped with a bed, rest room and other facilities.

Namitha, who is currently working in Jagan Mohini, is shown changing clothes in the video, but it is unclear as to which movie she was then working on or the place.

The actress, who is currently in Mumbai is shocked about the incident and does not know when it was taken. However she is going to file a complaint at the city Cyber crime branch to curb the videos.


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