Thursday, November 27, 2008

Trisha Slaps Asin This Time

Trisha slaps Asin this time

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Trisha Krishnan who is a dolly of thousands of fans is in the news from the past 15 days for wrong reasons. Previously she was in the news for creating nuisance in a late night PUB in an inebriated condition. But now the pretty girl is in the news for commenting on her Bollywood dreams and thus giving a tight slap to actress ASIN.

Asin who is now charging 2 crores as remuneration for each film revealed that she is now a bollywood actress and so is in such a demand. Giving a tight reply, Trisha answered to a query that she doesn’t feel like entering in bollywood when she is getting a flood of offers from Telugu and Tamil film industry. She also revealed that those people who are thinking in an idiotic way can only demand more and plan to settle in London in order to gain some Hollywood films. Asin a few days ago reported that she was getting some meaty English offers and so is planning to settle down in London.

In this way sexy Trisha gave a tight slap to Asin’s celebrity tantrums. In reality neither of the two heroines is in demand presently and is being sidelined for the new bunch of young girls. Because in today’s day competition is growing and those girl who have a bit of talent and the guts to show their every inch of bodies are given first preference.


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